2  Practicals, Institute of Pathology, University Hospital, Brno

2.1  Practicals

Within the scope of the grant project Using hypertext documents for teaching pathology, supported by Czech Ministry of Education (CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0045) we have decided to make available the contents of our practicals and examination slides through virtual microscope interface.

So far only several practicals are available, the access is only experimental.

Our practicals are HERE (you must log in the atlas first from title page of the atlas to access the pictures).

2.1.1  Slides for practical part of the exam

The list of slides will be completed during the semester.


Amyloidosis of the kidney, HE and Congo red:
Amyloidosis, kidney, HE 40x (10600)

Amyloidosis, kidney, Congo red 40x (10601)

Granulation tissue:
Granulation tissue, HE 40x (10619)

Organizing thrombus:
Thrombus, organization, HE 40x (10618)

Squamous cell carcinoma:
Squamous cell carcinoma, lung, HE 40x (10371)

Chronic lymphatic leukemia B, lymphnode:
Chronic lymphatic leukemia B, HE 100x (73035)

Diffuse large cell lymphoma B:
Large cell lymphoma, B, HE 40x (10346)

Diffuse large B cell lymphoma on the muscle of the calf, HE 20x (71930)
Large cell B lymphoma, lymphnode, HE 20x (72812)

Anaplastic large cell lymphoma B:
Diffuse large cell B lymphoma, HE 20x (73374)

Hodgkin lymphoma, nodular sclerosis:
Hodgkin's lymphoma, nodular sclerosis, HE 40x (10347)

Hodgkin's lymphoma, nodular sclerosis, HE 100x (72239)

m. Hodgkin, nodular sclerosis, HE 100x (72900)

M. Hodgkin, mixed cellularity:
Hodgkin's lymphoma, mixed cellularity, HE 40x (10348)

Tuberculosis of the lymphnode:
Tuberculosis, lymphnode, HE 40x (10620)

Tuberculosis, lympnode, HE 40x (10353)

Sarcoidosis of the skin:
Sarcoidosis, HE 60x (10797)

Sarcoidosis, HE 20x (4965)

Non-specific reactive lymphadenitis:

Atherosclerosis with mural thrombosis:
Atheroma, thrombosis, HE 40x (12023)

Myocardial infarction:
Myocardial infarction, HE 40x (10595)

Myocardial fibrosis:
Disperse myocardial fibrosis, HE 20x (10315)

Infectious endocarditis:
Acute endocarditis, HE 20x (10316)

Endocarditis acute, bacterial, HE 20x (70113)

Endocarditis acute, bacterial, HE 40x (70114)

Lymphocytic myocarditis, virus infection:
Myocarditis, HE 20x (10314)

Fibrinous pericarditis:
Pericarditis fibrinosa, HE 40x (10626)

Polypous rhinitis:
Rhinitis, HE 40x (10356)

Infarction of the lung:
Pulmonary infarction, HE 40x (10369)

Emphysema of the lung:
Emphysema, HE 40x (10357)

Alveolar pulmonary edema:
Pulmonary edema, HE 40x (10381)

Venostasis of the lung:
Stasis, lungs, HE 40x (10613)

Miliary tuberculosis of the lung:
Miliary tuberculosis of the lung, HE 40x (10869)

Absceding bronchopneumonia:
Absceding bronchopneumonia, HE 40x (10625)

Aspiration of the amniotic fluid:
Aspiration of amniotic fluid, HE 40x (10363)

Adult ARDS, HE 40x (71882)

Pneumocystis jirovecii, intersticial pneumonia:
Pneumocystis jirovecii, HE 40x (10359)

Pneumocystis jirovecii, Grocott 40x (10361)

Silicosis of the lung:
Silicosis of the lung, HE 40x (10616)

Anthracosilicosis, HE 20x (71859)

Chondrohamartoma, lung:
Chondrohamartoma, lung, HE 40x (10948)

Small cell carcinoma of the lung:
Small cell carcinoma of the lung, HE 40x (10631)

Warthin tumor:
Warthin's tumour, HE 40x (74457)

Mycotic esophagitis:
Mycotic esophagitis, HE 60x (10094)

Mycotic esophagitis, PAS 60x (10075)

Esophagitis, mycotic, PAS 40x (10382)

Mycosis of the esophagus, HE 40x (72341)

Mycosis of the esophagus, PAS 40x (72342)

Barrett's esophagus:
Barrett's esophagus, HE 40x (72315)

Barrett's esophagus, adenocarcinoma:
Adenocarcinoma, Barrett's esophagus, HE 40x (72429)

Chronic gastritis, caused by Helicobacter pylori:
Gastritis chronica, active, HE 100x (70003)

Gastritis chronica, active, Warthin Starry 100x (70004)

Gastritis chronica, active, Warthin Starry 40x (70005)

Chronic peptic ulceration of the stomach:
Peptic ulcer of the stomach, HE 20x (72353)

Adenocarcinoma of the colon (intestinal type):
Adenocarcinoma, intestinal type, colon, HE 40x (10397)

Adenocarcinoma, colon, HE 40x (10527)

Diffuse adenocarcinoma of the stomach, signet ring cells:
Adenocarcinoma of the stomach, HE 40x (74492)

Diffuse carcinoma, stomach, HE 100x (70263)

Diffuse carcinoma, stomach, PAS 100x (70264)

Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), HE 20x (71991)
Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST), HE 40x (71992)

M. Crohn:
Crohn, HE 40x (10402)

Colitis ulcerosa:
Colitis ulcerosa, HE 40x (10403)

Colitis ulcerosa, HE 20x (70028)

Colitis ulcerosa, remission, HE 20x (70027)

Pseudomembranous colitis:
Pseudomembranous colitis, HE 100x (73105)

Colitis pseudomembranosa, HE 40x (74232)

Hemorhagická infarzace střeva:
Hemorrhagic infarsation of the intestine, HE 40x (10946)

Hemorrhagic infarsation of the intestine, HE 40x (10947)

Hyperplastic polyp of the colon:
Hyperplastic polyp, rectal mucosa, HE 60x (74250)

Polyp, hyperplastic, HE 40x (10408)

Tubular adenoma of the colon with low grade epithelial dysplasia:
Polyp, adenomatous, HE 40x (10393)

Purulent apendicitis:
Purulent appendicitis, HE 40x (10628)

Neuroendocrine tumor, carcinoid of the appendix:
Carcinoid of the appendix, HE 40x (10407)

Carcinoid, colon, HE 100x (72495)

Carcinoid, appendix, HE 20x (70032)

Carcinoid, appendix, HE 40x (70033)

Steatosis of the liver:
Steatosis, liver, HE 40x (10602)

Alcoholic steatosis of the liver:
Steatosis, alcohol, HE 40x (10417)

Liver cholestasis:
Liver cholestasis, HE 40x (10615)

Venostasis of the liver (hepar moschatum):
Venostatic liver, HE 40x (10617)

Alcoholic liver cirrhosis:
Cirrhosis, alcohol, HE 40x (10418)

Liver cirrhosis in chronic hepatitis:
Posthepatitic cirrhosis, HE 40x (10419)

Hepatocellular carcinoma:
Hepatocellular carcinoma, HE 40x (10413)

Metastasis of the pancreatic carcinoma to the liver:
Metastasis of pancreatic carcinoma to the liver, HE 40x (74591)

Acute cholecystitis:
Cholecystitis, HE 40x (10415)

Chronic fibrosing cholecystitis:
Chronic fibrosing cholecystitis, HE 40x (10416)

Necrotising pancreatitis:
Acute enzymatic necrosis of the pancreas, HE 40x (10425)

Carcinosis of the peritoneum:
Peritoneal carcinosis, HE 60x (10212)

Peritoneal carcinosis, AE13 60x (10211)

Chronic lymphoplasmocytic thyreoiditis (Hashimoto):
Thyreoiditis of Hashimoto, HE 40x (10178)

Nodular colloid goiter:
Colloid struma, HE 40x (10634)

Follicular adenoma of the thyroid:
Microfollicular adenoma, Hashimoto thyreoiditis, HE 40x (10863)

Papillary carcinoma of the thyroid:
Small papillocarcinoma, thyroid, HE 40x (72886)

Pheochromocytoma, HE 40x (12051)

Infarction of the kidney:
Infarction, kidney, HE 20x (74140)

Purulent pyelonephritis:
Pyelonephritis, abscess, HE 40x (10718)

Acute glomerulonephritis with crescents:
Crescentic glomerulonephritis, HE 40x (70691)

Crescentic glomerulonephritis, PAS 40x (70689)

Crescentic glomerulonephritis, Goldner 40x (70690)

Diabetic glomerulosclerosis of Kimmelstiel-Wilson:
Diabetic nephropathy of Kimmelstiel Wilson, HE 40x (10917)

Diabetic nephropathy of Kimmelstiel Wilson, PAS 40x (70693)

Diabetic nephropathy of Kimmelstiel Wilson, AFOG 40x (70692)

Vascular nephrosclerosis (benign nephrosclerosis):
Nephrosclerosis, HE 40x (10439)

Low-grade urothelial papilocarcinoma ot the urinary bladder:
Papillocarcinoma, invasive, urinary bladder, microexcision, HE 100x (72133)

Clear cell renal carcinoma (Grawitz):
Renal cell carcinoma of Grawitz, HE 40x (10434)

Nephroblastoma of Willms:
Willms tumor, HE 40x (10952)

Nephroblastoma (Willms), HE 40x (10436)

Nephroblastoma (Willms), HE 40x (10435)

Benign hyperplasia of the prostate:
Nodular hyperplasia of the prostate, HE 40x (73945)

Acinar adenokarcinoma of the prostate:
Adenocarcinoma of the prostate, HE 40x (10444)

Seminoma of the testis:
Seminoma, testis, HE 60x (74244)

Condyloma accuminatum:
Condyloma acuminatum, HE 20x (5998)

Dysplasia CIN III., HE 40x (70109)

Dysplasia, CIN III., cervix, HE 40x (10308)

CIN III, cervix uteri, HE 20x (73256)

Graviditas tubaria:
Graviditas tubaria, HE 20x (71018)

Graviditas tubaria, HE 40x (10332)

Syncitio- and trophoblast, tubar gravidity, HE 40x (74040)

Endometrium, gravidity:
Residua post abortum, products of conception, HE 40x (10333)

Hyperplasia of the endometrium (typical):
Hyperplastic endometrium, HE 40x (10297)

Adenomatous hyperplasia of the endometrium, HE 40x (10298)

Endometrial polyp:
Hyperplastic endometial polyp, HE 40x (10299)

Well differentiated adenocarcinoma of the endometrium:
Adenocarcinoma of the endometrium, HE 40x (10301)

Leiomyoma of the uterus:
Leiomyoma, uterus, HE 20x (71004)

Granulosa cell tumor:
Granulosa cell tumor, HE 40x (10951)

Teratoma of the ovary:
Mature teratoma, ovary, HE 40x (10322)

Chorionepithelioma, choriocarcinoma, HE 40x (10633)

Serous cystadenopapillocarcinoma, borderline malignity:
Serous cystadenoma of the ovary, HE 40x (10317)

Mucinous cystadenoma of the ovary:
Mucinous cystadenoma of the ovary, HE 40x (10318)

Unilocular cystadenoma, mucinous (mucinous cyst) of the ovary:
Mucinous cystadenoma of the ovary, unilocular, HE 40x (10320)

Fibroadenoma of the breast:
Fibroadenoma, HE 20x (10166)

Fibroadenoma, breast, HE 20x (73361)

Invazive ductal carcinoma of the breast:
Ductal carcinoma of the breast, infiltrating, HE 40x (74510)

Invazive lobular carcinoma of the breast:
Infiltrating lobular carcinoma of the breast, HE 40x (71241)

Encephalomalacia, HE 40x (12088)

Purulent leptomeningitis:
Purulent meningitis, HE 40x (10627)

Purulent meningitis, HE 20x (73391)

Multiform glioblastoma:
Glioblastoma, HE 40x (72896)

Meningeoma, HE 40x (74225)

Schwannoma, HE 40x (10632)

Lipoma, HE 40x (10686)

Osteochondroma, HE 40x (12101)

HG osteosarkoma:
Osteosarcoma, HE 40x (11006)

Giant cell tumor of the bone:
Giant cell tumor of the bone, HE 40x (12099)

Purulent osteomyelitis:
Osteomyelitis, HE 40x (10943)

Gout, arthritis uratica (subcutis, capsule of the joint):
Gout, HE 10x (4056)

Gout, bursa olecrani, HE 40x (6113)

Psoriasis vulgaris:
Psoriasis vulgaris, HE 60x (10886)

Verruca vulgaris:
Verruca vulgaris, HE 40x (10930)

Seborhoic keratosis:
Verruca seborrhoica, seborrhoic keratosis, HE 60x (10722)

Capillary hemangioma of the skin:
Hemangioma, capillary, HE 20x (2282)

Basalioma, HE 60x (10130)

Compound melanocytic nevus:
Compound melanocytic nevus, HE 40x (10888)

Melanocytic nevus, compound, HE 60x (6337)

Malignant melanoma:
Superficial spreading melanoma, SSM, HE 60x (10829)

Superficial spreading melanoma, vertical growth, HE 60x (6213)

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