Primary tumors of the kidney

10  Patology ot the kidneys

10.15  Primary tumors of the kidney

10.15.1  Epithelial tumors  Adenomas of the kidney cortex


Cortical adenoma of the kidney:
Cortical adenoma of the kidney, Macro, autopsy (71072)

Nephrosclerosis and small cortical adenomas:
Nephrosclerosis and small cortical adenomas, Macro, autopsy (71094)  Carcinoma of the kidney  Clear cell renal carcinoma (Grawitz)


Metastasis of Grawitz carcinoma to the vertebra:
Metastasis of Grawitz carcinoma to the vertebra, HE 40x (72426)

Cystic Grawitz carcinoma:
Cystic Grawitz carcinoma, HE 40x (73004)  Papillary renal carcinoma


Papillary renal carcinoma:
Papillocarcinoma, kidney, HE 40x (74036)  Reninoma


Reninoma, HE 40x (72897)

10.15.2  Mesenchymal tumors of the kidney  Angiomyolipoma  Leiomyoma  Renomedulary interstitial cell tumor


Renomedulary interstitial cell tumor:
Renomedullary interstitial cell tumor, HE 40x (73034)

10.15.3  Tumors of the kidney in children  Nephroblastoma


Willm's tumor of the kidney:
Willm's tumor of the kidney, Macro, autopsy (71180)

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