13  Patology of the liver

13.4  Hepatitis


Cholestatic hepatitis:
Cholestatic hepatitis, HE 40x (70626)

Cholestatic hepatitis, Gömöry 40x (70641)

Hepatitis chronica, minimal activity:
Hepatitis chronica, minimal activity, HE 40x (70634)

Hepatitis chronica, minimal activity, blue trichrome 40x (70635)

Hepatitis chronica, minimal activity, Gömöry 20x (70633)

13.4.1  Virus hepatitis caused by hepatotropic viruses

13.4.2  Hepatitis in other infectious diseases


Liver, petechiae, chickenpox:
Liver, petechiae, chickenpox, Macro, autopsy (70433)

Cytomegalic hepatitis with cholestasis:
Cytomegalic hepatitis with cholestasis, HE 40x (70381)

Cytomegalic hepatitis with cholestasis, HE 40x (70383)

Cytomegalic hepatitis, anti-CMV antibody, anti-CMV 40x (70382)

13.4.3  Toxic, chemical, drug induced, alcohol hepatitis  Damage of the liver caused by alcohol


Liver, acute alcoholic hepatitis:
Liver, acute alcoholic hepatitis, Macro, autopsy (70363)

Liver, alcoholic steatosis:
Liver, alcoholic steatosis, Macro, autopsy (70457)

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