Patology of the uterine body

19  Gynecopathology

19.2  Patology of the uterine body

19.2.1  Normal histology of the endometrium

19.2.2  Internal endometriosis (adenomyosis)


Endometriosis interna, adenomyosis:
Endometriosis interna, adenomyosis, HE 20x (70980)

Endometriosis interna, adenomyosis, HE 20x (71002)

Adenomyosis, HE 40x (70735)

Another case, focus of adenomyosis within the wall of the uterus:
Adenomyosis, HE 60x (74318)

19.2.3  External endometriosis

19.2.4  Endometrial polyp


Polyp, endometrial:
Polyp, endometrial, HE 40x (71006)

19.2.5  Actinomycosis of the endometrium

19.2.6  Hyperplasia of the endometrium

19.2.7  Endometroid adenocarcinoma


Adenocarcinoma of the endometrium:
Adenocarcinoma of the endometrium, HE 40x (70655)

19.2.8  Leiomyoma


Leiomyoma, uterus:
Leiomyoma, uterus, HE 20x (71004)

19.2.9  Leiomyosarcoma


Leiomyosarcoma, uterus:
Leiomyosarcoma, uterus, HE 40x (71005)

19.2.10  Adenomatoid tumor


Adenomatoid tumor of the uterus:
Adenomatoid tumor of the uterus, HE 40x (71247)

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