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19  Gynecopathology

19.3  Other images

19.3.1  Vulva


Vulval intraepithelial neoplasia, grade 3:
Vulval intraepithelial neoplasia, grade 3, HE 20x (73379)

19.3.2  Vagina

19.3.3  Cervix uteri

19.3.4  Corpus uteri

19.3.5  Tuba uterina

19.3.6  Ovary

Case study:

Malignant lymphoma of ovary, large B cell, diffuse
Skitsa Xenia


Primary ovarian lymphoma (POL) refers to involvement of the ovary with lymphoma but without involvement of any other site. It is an extremely rare yet well recognized situation. It can accounts for 1.5% of ovarian tumours.

The rarity of this condition is probably contributed by lack of lymphoid tissue in the ovary. In almost all of cases instances it tends to comprise of non-Hodgkin lymphoma 0.5% of NHL tends to involve the ovary with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) being a dominant histological type. Burkitt lymphoma has also been infrequently described.

Radiographic features: CT Once the diagnosis is made CT is the preferred imaging modality of ongoing assessment particularly for staging purposes. Often tends to be hypo-attenuating on CT with mild enhancement post contrast. Ultrasound imaging features are usually non specific. MRI tends to be of relatively homogenous signal.

Staging: this is one of the rare situations where the FIGO staging system isn't used; the standard non-Hodgkin lymphoma staging system is used instead.



Laboratory values:

  • gastroscopy: Helicobacter pylori positive
  • ultrasound of abdomen: neoplastic mass on the right ovary


  • antimicrobial therapy to eradicate Helicobacter pylori
  • surgery and chemotherapy (as adjuvant therapy after surgery)


Diffuse infiltrate of large lymphoid cells, CD20+, CD79a+, CD3-, CD5-, MUM1+, cytoplasmic bcl2+, nuclear bcl6+, cyclin D1-, Ki67 positive in almost 100% of nuclei.


  • Malignant lymphoma, large B cell, diffuse, no ICD-O subtype.

19.3.7  Placenta

19.3.8  Macroscopic pictures


Abortion, Macro, autopsy (71312)

Hyperplasia of the adrenals, pregnancy:
Hyperplasia of the adrenals, pregnancy, Macro, autopsy (71313)

Eclampsia, brain hemorrhage:
Eclampsia, brain hemorrhage, Macro, autopsy (71314)

Choriocarcinoma, metastases to the brain:
Choriocarcinoma, metastases to the brain, Macro, autopsy (71315)

Embryo, 21st day:
Embryo, 21st day, HE 10x (71316)

Mola hydatidosa:
Mola hydatidosa, Macro, autopsy (71317)

Mola hydatidosa, Macro, autopsy (71318)

Intrauterine device:
Intrauterine device, Macro, autopsy (71319)

Ovarian agenesis, Turner's syndrome:
Ovarian agenesis, Turner's syndrome, Macro, autopsy (71320)

Serous cystadenocarcinoma, ovaries:
Serous cystadenocarcinoma, ovaries, Macro, autopsy (71321)

Dermoid cysts of the ovary:
Dermoid cyst of the ovaries, Macro, autopsy (71322)

Follicular cyst, ovary:
Follicular cyst, ovary, Macro, autopsy (71323)

Cystadenoma mucinosum, ovary:
Cystadenoma mucinosum, ovary, Macro, autopsy (71324)

Granulosa cell tumor:
Granulosa cell tumor, Macro, autopsy (71325)

Metastasis of a GIT adenocarcinoma to the ovary:
Metastasis of a GIT adenocarcinoma to the ovary, Macro, autopsy (71326)

Metastases of the melanoma, ovary:
Metastases of the melanoma, ovary, Macro, autopsy (71327)

Ovary during the pregnancy:
Ovary during the pregnancy, Macro, autopsy (71328)

Serous cyst of the ovary:
Serous cyst of the ovary, Macro, autopsy (71329)

Uterus and ovary with corpus luteum:
Uterus and ovary with corpus luteum, Macro, autopsy (71330)

Infarctions of the placenta:
Infarctions of the placenta, Macro, autopsy (71331)

Infarctions of the placenta, Macro, autopsy (71332)

Placenta, Potter's syndrome:
Placenta, Potter's syndrome, Macro, autopsy (71333)

Normal pregnancy:
Normal pregnancy, Macro, autopsy (71334)

Abortion, abdominal pregnancy:
Abortion, Macro, autopsy (71335)

Pregnancy, Macro, autopsy (71339)

Pregnancy, Macro, autopsy (71340)

Pregnancy, Macro, autopsy (71341)

Choriocarcinoma of the uterus:
Choriocarcinoma of the uterus, Macro, autopsy (71342)

Uterus and plancenta, normal:
Uterus and plancenta, normal, Macro, autopsy (71347)

Uterus after caesarean section:
Uterus after caesarean section, Macro, autopsy (71348)

Uterus after pregnancy:
Uterus after pregnancy, Macro, autopsy (71349)

Uterus, retained placental fragment:
Uterus, retained placental fragment, Macro, autopsy (71350)

19.3.9  X-ray images

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