Pathology of the CNS in newborns   (Karel Dvořák)

16  Patology of the CNS

16.10  Pathology of the CNS in newborns

Karel Dvořák

16.10.1  Developmental disorders of the CNS  Disorders of the dorsal induction period  Rhachischisis


Lumbosacral myelocele, fetus 22-week:
Rhachischisis, Macro, autopsy (72524)

Atypical shape of the head, Arnold Chiari malformation, lumbosacral myelocele, fetus 22-week:
Rhachischisis, Macro, autopsy (72523)  Diorders of the cellular migration  Agyria and pachygyria

16.10.2  Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy of the newborn (HIE)

16.10.3  Kernicterus (hyperbilirubinemic encephalopathy)

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