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These atlases are the result of cooperation of many authors. The main author of these atlases is assoc. prof. Josef Feit, MD, PhD. from the Medical Faculty, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic.

Each of Atlases has its own main author and each image has its own contributor. The contributor's name is displayed on the label of each image.

Moreover, there are designers and programmers.

The list of authors and contributors for each atlas can be displayed after clicking on the Authors button on top of each page. You will be able to access their contributions.

Cite Atlases as an Internet resource:

Hypertext Atlas of Dermatopathology
Josef Feit, Hana Jedličková, Zdeněk Vlašín, Günter Burg, Werner Kempf, Leo Schärer, Luděk Matyska

Hypertext Atlas of Fetal Pathology
Marta Ježová, Sylva Hotárková, Katarína Múčková, Ondřej Souček, Josef Feit

Hypertext Atlas of Neonatal Pathology
Marta Ježová, Josef Feit

Hypertext Atlas of Bone Marrow Pathology
Mojmír Moulis, Josef Feit

Hypertext Atlas of Rare Lymphomas
Josef Feit, Leoš Křen, Mojmír Moulis, Zdenka Křenová

Hypertext Atlas of Pathology
Josef Feit et al.

All atlases together:
Hypertext Atlases of Pathology
Josef Feit et al.

In case you have problems with citing Internet resources, you can cite:

Hypertext atlas of dermatopathology with expert system for epithelial tumors of the skin.
Feit, J; Kempf, W; Jedličková, H; Burg, G
Journal of Cutaneous Pathology, 2005, vol. 32, No. 6, pages 433 - 437
(ISBN 0303-6987, ISI 000229637200008)

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